Aerial Video

With qualified remote pilots and permission from the CAA, we operate to strict safety standards and to an approved operations manual. Our quiet, lightweight aircraft can go where cranes or full sized helicopters can’t be used to achieve shots that would be impossible by any other means.

The remote aricraft that we use are equipped with stabilised gimbals which enable the capture of ultra-smooth, cinematic footage at HD and 4K resolutions. Images from the camera can be viewed in real-time to enable the best angles and perspectives to be captured by manoevring the aircraft and adjusting the camera during flight.

From promotional videos and social-media feeds to agricutural surveys and property inspection, HD Video Services can provide a wide variety of aerial video and photography facilities. Offering a safe, professional service combined with a creative edge; contact us to see how we can add the ‘WOW factor’ to your next idea or project.


CAA Permission to Fly

We hold permission from The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to operate Unmanned Aerial Vehicles ('drones') weighing up to 7kg in congested areas for commercial purposes. Our remote pilots are qualified and have passed ground based theory exams as well as practical tests to ensure their competence and knowledge of the regulations. Any UAV operator who undertakes commercial work in the UK must be qualified and listed at . If they are not, they are operating illegally and will not be insured.

CAA Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO)

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  1. Please give a summary of the type of service required and dates and places, if known.

Membership & Qualifications

CAA Permit for commercial operations up to 400ft altitude. Remote Pilot qualification BNUC-S Registered with The Drone Safe Register Member of The British Model Flyers Association